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Blog: Top 5 Richmond Cafes

Richmond has some of the best cafes in Melbourne. Here's our Top 5 Richmond cafes - and why!!

1.Cheeky Monkey - On Swan Street, this place has to have the fastest kitchen in Melbourne! You might even see an Aussie Rules star in here too! This has been a favourite go to place for CMA people for years. Great coffee and perfect prices... Suggestion: Wow! Where to start...?? Everybody raves about the Eggs Benedict on potato hash or an amazingly good (& cheap) Egg & Bacon Focaccia.

2. Pillar Of Salt - Based on Church Street, this place is always buzzing. Great little outdoor area in the back. Suggestion: Without doubt, try their Scrambled Eggs with Chili - you will never have scrambled eggs again without remembering how great this is!

3. Lennox - Hidden away at the top of Lennox Street is a cafe that punches above its weight. Simply, everything is great! Suggestion: Try the mushroom omelette with Vietnamese salad and roti - your taste buds will be dancing...

4. Rowena Parade Milk Bar - This place in on the top of Richmond Hill. A great Greek influence in the middle of an American style general store. Yes, they have Dr Pepper and Hershey Bars! Suggestion: The B.E.L.T.A. is their signature in Turkish bread, but their apple pie milk shake is officially off the chart!

5. Kanteen - OK, this technically is on the other side of the river from Richmond, but is amazingly set in a bush setting in the middle of the city. Water views, joggers and bike riders pass by whilst you sit in the sun. Suggestion: The famous Vanilla Slice is VERY Melbourne!

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