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Blog: Top 5 Cheap Eats in Richmond

Richmond has an unbelievable choice for fantastic food that won't cost a fortune. Here's our Top 5 Richmond places for cheap eats - and why!!

1. Kong - One of Richmond's coolest eaterys is based at the southern end of Church Street. The modern Korean menu is designed to share with friends in a tapas style. Really helpful staff will guide you to the good stuff. Suggestion: Sure, the soft shell crab buns are amazing...until you experience the deep fried Korean chicken wings! OMG!!

2. Jimmy Grants - TV Masterchef George Calombaris always thought Greek takeaway never did itself any favours. So he started is own with the mission to serve the best quality Greek food at a price you won't believe. It's fantastic... Suggestion: Without doubt, the star attraction is the meat. So, order the plater for two to share - great value.

3. Nhan Ngai - On Swan Street, right on the pedestrian crossing, this is a relatively new comer to Richmond's enormous number of Vietnamese restaurants. This is a modern take bursting with street food culture. Get there early to enjoy the best spring rolls and chicken satay. Suggestion: Although the main menu focuses on great house-made Pho, build a feast from their entree list for a spectacular meal.

4. Fonda - Imagine modern Mexican food that features no cheese, no corn chips and no sour cream... (Arrgghh!! They are all my favourite things!!) But this is a healthy alternative that tastes amazing. Suggestion: As everything is made to share, go with friends and order "one of everything" - your taste buds will be dancing!!

5. I Love Dumplings - I'm not sure that I should mention this - because it's alway hard enough to get a table...!! Across the road from Richmond Town Hall on Bridge Road is a hidden gem. It's fantastic to share huge platters of exquisite dumplings bursting with flavour and yumminess. Take your friends and go crazy, you will love it! Suggestion: All the dumplings are great but search the menu for the Steamed Seafood Dumpling with Sichuan chili sauce - it has a prawn swimming in broth inside the dumpling - it explodes in your mouth and is just awesome!!

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